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Product refurbishing represents the core of Sohnen’s business. Although many of our suppliers look to us to provide a variety of value added services such as Direct Receiving of product returns from their dealers, Warranty Fulfillment programsProduct Modification work and Contract Repair work, the heart of everything we do is refurbishing. After 35+ years and literally tens of millions of pieces produced and resold, we believe that we understand this business better than any other organization in the world. Just as each company’s products are unique, so too are their needs when it comes to returns processing and asset recovery. Sohnen can tailor the right program to match your requirements. We can purchase on an outright basis all returns from a given product category or an entire product line. We can develop Revenue Sharing plans, Production Sharing plans or whatever combination of approaches makes the best business sense for your company.  Over the past 35+ years, Sohnen has earned a reputation for being a leader in this industry. As a result, we have developed an extensive list of distributors and dealers around the world with whom we do business on a regular basis.  These customers value their relationship with Sohnen and always comply with whatever marketing restrictions we have agreed to with our suppliers.  If you are currently refurbishing your own product returns and do not want to make any changes, why not speak with us about taking advantage of our distribution network to resell your refurbished inventories? As we have been told by many Presidents and CEO’s of the world’s largest consumer electronics companies, proper management of product returns has an immediate and significant impact on their bottom line. Why not “Contact Us” to see what we can do to help improve yours?

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